Chris Pegula

"The Dude Behind Diaper Dude"

Chris Pegula, the founder of Diaper Dude diaper bags and products for dads, helps make a dad's life easier with serious style. Pegula is a lifestyle expert in all things family, parenting and partner related with the goal of making a man's transition easier when he becomes a dad.  From maintaining a great marriage, to staying connected to your partner and kids while traveling on business, Pegula understands the challenges and expectations of being a great husband and father, and uses humor and creativity in juggling the everyday chaos that accompanies his family-man lifestyle.

"Partner support is crucial to a woman's confidence, well-being and contentment throughout their breastfeeding experience," says Pegula. "As a member of the BBIC advisory board, I am able to communicate the message of partnership parenting – both from the voice of a dad – and as the go-to resource for hundreds of men seeking to get into the groove of parenting through a realistic and balanced approach."

Pegula is today's modern man: an entrepreneur, a husband of 13 years, and a father to his three children. He's relatable, optimistic and casual in his approach to life, making him the "dude" you can trust.

After the birth of Pegula's first of three children, he realized that carrying a flowery diaper bag did not reflect his personal style. So he began the process of creating The Diaper Dude brand, which takes the traditional "female-centric" diaper bag and makes it "dude friendly." With The Diaper Dude, dads can easily access the essentials: diapers, bottles, clothes or wipes and toys without taking off the bag.

"Most diaper bags for men were backpacks, lacking in accessibility and functionality," says Pegula. "I wanted to find a cool and masculine bag and after exploring store after store and website after website, I realized that there was no complete diaper bag for the cool dad, thus The Diaper Dude was born." 

Since the brand's inception, many celebrity dads including Brad Pitt, David Arquette, Matthew Broderick, Ben Stiller, Patrick Dempsey and more have picked up on the growing dad-gear trend.  Pegula and Diaper Dude have been featured on media outlets such as Oprah, E! News, Access Hollywood, and CBS Morning News to name a few and in publications ranging from People Magazine, Entrepreneur, Us Weekly, Forbes and Instyle. 

As Chris' life evolves so does the evolution of his brand, which now includes Digi Dude, stylish and functional laptop bags and accessories, along with Dapper Dude, matching skinny tie sets for Dad and Son.

"Today's dad is more involved than ever," Pegula says, "and I believe that The Diaper Dude provides a user-friendly approach to making the life of parents easier."

Chris is constantly on the move, not only running his fast-growing business, but also being the quintessential father with serious style. Chris continues to lead the way for future dads by designing gear and delivering advice. The Diaper Dude isn't just a bag…it's a way of life.